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Friday 12 July 2013 - RES Statement in respect of alleged impact on flooding and water courses in Gilcrux

RES is fully aware of a number of recent public statements that have been made about Tallentire Wind Farm in respect of alleged impact on flooding and water courses in Gilcrux. We take all allegations like this extremely seriously and work closely with communities and relevant authorities to investigate them.

Tallentire Wind Farm was subject to extensive environmental impact assessment as part of its planning process. Environmental monitoring has been undertaken throughout the construction of the wind farm, which started in June 2012, and during this time no springs or underground watercourses have been encountered.

To date, no connection has been found between the flooding and spring drying up and the construction or presence of Tallentire Wind Farm.

It is also important to note that the dates for which the reported flooding and drying up of the spring occurred coincided with similar weather and environmental conditions not only in Cumbria, but throughout the North West region.

Despite this, however, RES has commissioned a detailed independent technical report into the issues that have been reported by a small number of local residents. As soon as the results of this report are known later in the summer, RES will respond appropriately to any findings and if the wind farm is shown to have any adverse impact on the local watercourses we will of course implement any necessary mitigation.

In the meantime, RES is in regular contact with the owner of Gilcrux Springs Trout Farm and has offered assistance in helping to support the business over the next few weeks until the outcome of the technical surveys are known. We will also continue to keep the local community fully informed on these issues, as we have done at every stage of the project.

All enquiries: Rachel Anderson (RES) - 07795 680 803